That Gut Feeling

After spending 8 weeks out here, I’ve come to really appreciate following your gut feeling. I come from a city in southeast Pennsylvania where most people follow traditional paths to become doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc… Not many follow the life of an entrepreneur and very rarely is it pushed on people.  However, I always had this gut feeling that I should just go ahead and try it. At the mere mention of pursing the start up life style, my parents freaked. Of course, who can blame them? They want what’s SAFE for me (becoming a Doctor). This, however, doesn’t always match with what’s RIGHT for me. Against my parent’s and my greater judgment, I chose the start up lifestyle. Honestly, I truly believe it was the right choice. With this experience, I’ve come to truly trust my gut instinct.

I’ve come to realize how much an environment really shapes your judgment.  When I was at home, leaving to work on my start up seemed so scary.  I had zero clue of where it might go, or how I’ll end up. Now that I’ve spent time here though, all those worries have disappeared. Its not so much that the mystery of my start up future has changed, but rather how I view that mystery. Traditional jobs offer security, they offer an ease of mind. Start up are a completely different monster. After talking to so many entrepreneurs, though, I’ve come to embrace this mystery.  I’ve realized worst case scenarios are really unlikely. Even if things go really bad, in the end it’s a learning experience. An experience you can use to better the next outcome.  With that in mind, I look forward to the mystery because in the end it only betters my experiences.


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