Getting Harder,Better, Faster, Stronger

We’re very close to launching Tivly bug-free! Along the way though one question always kept bothering me. Is it better to build fast? Or is it better to build strong? Of course plenty some people can do both, but most of us find ourselves making trade-off between speed and efficiency. This time around I think I mainly leaned toward speed, and we built a very functional product in only 25 days. As awesome as this is , I find myself doubting if pushing for so much speed was the right decision. We are basically at that finish line. Since we built with so much speed, though, I find my last couple days here fixing numerous bugs.

These bugs also seem to just multiply exponentially.  I fix one, and seven more arise as the “fix” causes more issues.  I wonder if going at a more steady pace might have alleviated some of the bugs we have now.

Then again I hesitate to think that , because one of our strong points as a start up is the ability to make decisions so fast, and thus get to a product faster than a large company.

In the end, I realize this is a somewhat transient problem. As an entrepreneur acquires more building skill, it not only improves his proficiency at coding, but also their foreshadowing abilities. I guess I’ll just have to keep on building.


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