What This Is

The DukeGEN Entrepreneur Corps (DEC) and the DukeGEN Silicon Valley Incubator Program (DSVIP) are both internship programs that enable Duke students to pursue entrepreneurship through hands-on experience and a unique curriculum for 8 weeks from June 4, 2012 to July 27, 2012.


As part of Duke’s effort to increase entrepreneurship and innovative learning opportunities for current students, DukeGEN has created one-of-a-kind opportunity for hands on exposure to entrepreneurship, business, and technology during their undergraduate career. Student interns will work full-time for the startup alongside founders and early employees to experience for themselves the challenges and thrills of a career as an entrepreneur.


Duke students will have the opportunity to kick-start their start-up at DogPatch Labs, the incubator that spawned Instagram. DSVIP will select up to 5 Duke student start-ups to become residents of DogPatch Labs in Palo Alto. DSVIP participants will receive the many benefits that DogPatch has to offer including exhilarating exposure to and interaction with other startups, free office space in a co-working environment, and participation in the same weekly gatherings as the DukeGEN Entrepreneur Corps curriculum program.  The curriculum will give students the opportunity to learn not only from other Duke interns in Silicon Valley but also to hear from Duke alumni working in startups and in venture capital talk about entrepreneurship.

How did DEC and DSVIP come about? Introducing the masterminds behind these programs.

Take a look at the participating host companies.

Follow the students in their weekly posts on their adventures and experiences. Walk with them.


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