Who I’d want to meet

I’d love to meet Michelle Obama.

There, I said it. The chances of that are pretty small, but I don’t think any entrepreneur in Silicon Valley is here because their expected is ROI is high, so I’m learning from the best.


Michelle Obama has made health and fitness a priority in her agenda with her Let’s Move campaign. Kids (including me, er…) see her on the Disney Channel winning at basketball, and she recently announced an initiative to improve the quality of school lunches, adding whole grains, fruits, and vegetables while reducing sodium and fats. And that wasn’t easy, either: Her efforts to reduce starchy foods like potatoes drew the ire of the National Potato Council, whose spokesman Mark Szymanski noted: “It seems the department [of Agriculture] still considers the potato a second-class vegetable.”

A second-class vegetable, indeed, Mark.


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