The Lunatic and His Guacamole

I’ll probably never forget the day I met Larry Chiang, creator of the notorious and author of the never-published What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School. Having donned his VC costume, he carved up a niche in the Dogpatch entrance / kitchen for him and his portable electric stove. As I walked into the door, he screamed into my ear, “Yo! Want some freedom toast?” I ignored him much in the same way I ignore the guys in Vegas who dish out R-rated material on the street. Ten minutes later, he screams, “Breakfast is ready!”

Well, it wasn’t ready. The next 40 minutes of waiting involved listening to Larry proselytizing something (what was it? who knows…), mocking me because I was an economics major who was completely unacquainted with Gua Gua Guacamole (might have to recommend that the Duke economics department add that to the core curriculum…), and hearing sketchy stories about bribing the waitstaff to get into a party.

I didn’t pay a dime. But that was the most expensive toast I’ve ever had – freedom or otherwise.

Not to mention the fact that it was pretty undercooked…

And I thought Larry was crazy. But as I kept thinking about him (how can you forget a guy like that?), I believed him – and I believed his party crasher-to-VIP stuff. A good entrepreneur is always one who’s crashing the party of what already exists, and the successful ones become stars of the show. On a less glamorous level, finding people who are way too busy to talk to you and are too successful to acquaint themselves with the small-time-entrepreneur-common-folk and sitting them down and getting them to share their knowledge is what good entrepreneurs do on the reg.


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