This past week marked the (unassuming) launch our dummy site, where we take your grocery and restaurant receipts, assign a HealthScore to your purchases, and tell you why. We built this to test an assumption about various data entry methods (in the nutrition space, one of the big unresolved consumer pains is the need for the user to act as a data entry monkey and tell the system exactly what foods she’s consumed). We pretended to be some different people on reddit (I have many more personas that any of you would have ever imagined) and drive traffic to the site.

We ended up getting a 12-13% signup rate, with (based on cursory analysis) higher conversion on the weight loss subreddit than on the nutrition subreddit, but some things still continue to puzzle me:

1) We’re losing over half of our visitors at the signup page. There are literally two things there: a field to enter your email address, and a field to create a password. It seems really frictionless to me…

2) The conversion from signing up to actually sending in receipts has so far been pretty low, although that is potentially attributable to people’s proclivity for throwing away restaurant and grocery receipts and then forgetting about this thing once they’re at a restaurant or a grocery store. We did get a lovely Burger King receipt on Friday night, where both the soda and the fries were supersized. I’m not sure what the person was expecting us to say…

I’d love to read the minds of these people. Who of my non-existent readers is a palm-reader?


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