When Do I Put the Book Down?

Being in Silicon Valley, I’ve heard non stop talk about the next big language or web framework. You hear all this excitement about Rails, Django, Node.js, Clojure, and tons more. This got me to thinking, where is the line where you stop reading and actually pursue one of these languages?

I always find myself second guessing my choice because language X solves a future problem better than language Y, but the problem I have now is the issue language Y easy solves. This constant struggle lead me to learn several language at a very, very broad level.

Fed up with it, I just picked one and stuck with it regardless of what I hear ( to be honest, so far, most retorts on my choice are usually very small issues). I think it was the right decision. Even though I find myself figuring out problems other languages might have solved easier, I think what I gain in solving said issue far surpasses the constant language change.

The whole point of my job is to find solutions to our problems. Changing to a different language or framework, while it might save me reinventing the wheel that one day, probably hurts me in the long run. It defeats the purpose of learning a language because you don’t learn the nuances that language carries. Nuances that you procure only because it was something you noticed in a particular solution. From my experiences so far, by sticking to two language I start shifting my thought from “what can’t this language do?” to “What can this language do for me?”


One response to “When Do I Put the Book Down?

  1. Bryan, this might be of interest to you. The same problem solved in multiple programming languages. http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Rosetta_Code

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