Turning 21

This past week I turned 21. This marked a seismic shift in my social life in San Francisco.

I chose to live in San Francisco, not the Peninsula, for a reason. For me this summer is about more than working at a Y Combinator startup, learning technical skills and meeting amazing people like Eddie Que. It’s not solely about giving assistance to other entrepreneurial Duke students and receiving help in return. This summer is also about living my life openly and on my terms. And that means experiencing the San Francisco queer scene. I went to the Lexington, “your friendly neighborhood dyke bar” on my birthday and Ships In The Night, “a queer sweaty dance party” on Saturday. I was overwhelmed by the number and types of people at these places. I was certainly not in North Carolina anymore!

This week I truly came into my own at work. While continuing to improve the AdWords Campaign I shifted my focus to web development. I began using Trello to manage all my tasks and had a second extended meeting with Alex.  I have enough to work on for the rest of the summer.

I became comfortable enough with the website ecosystem, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery to make nontrivial contributions. But I also want to strategically flex my technical skills. I have been reading about user experience design, specifically for e-commerce websites. The website changes I decide to make are often less complex and flashy than I originally expected.

I took my first Computer Science class at Duke this past Spring. Coding was always a skill I admired but never thought I would have. But I have crossed over to the technical side. I ask technical questions and engage in technical conversations, even though I have comparatively little experience. Before the summer I planned on completing a Computer Science minor and possibly shifting to a technical job at some point.  Now I’m thinking more and more that the technical side will give me the most exciting challenges and opportunities. 


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