Where Do I Belong?

This week was really fun and I found my groove. I focused on vital HTML/CSS changes to the website, Adwords and managing our advertising partners and affiliates. I learned a lot about design and proposed my own project:  creating a mobile version of the website.

This week I was thinking more about the future and what startup culture I’d like to work at.

The Jellyfish Art culture and environment is significantly different from what I’m used to. It’s small, mostly guys and very casual. The startups I’ve worked at previously have had older, highly educated founders less casual work cultures. When I imagine the startup I want to work at (and/or found) these aspects are critical:

-There needs to be at least one other strong female presence. The startup I worked at last summer had an experienced and well regarded woman business development lead. The startup I worked at this past school year includes a designer who works at Vogue. Courtney, who leads Customer Support, is the strong female presence at Jellyfish Art but she will be leaving soon.

-My coworkers needs to be intellectually curious and into the startup culture. I need to be able to talk with them about the latest technological and business innovations. They must push me to think critically about ethical issues and look beyond the latest Silicon Valley crazes.

-There needs to be enough people that I can work long term at the startup without getting bored or frustrated. I think at least 15 workers would work, but 50 would be ideal. Jellyfish Art has only four full time employees and no full time technical employees.

-The environment needs to somewhat resemble a traditional corporate work environment. People need to wear business casual clothing. The office needs to be generally quiet to facilitate mental concentration. This is not feasible a Jellyfish Art because we are located in a warehouse and ship physical products.  The warehouse is the office and vice versa.


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