Finally Making a Difference! Sort of.

I intended to reference my post from last week at the beginning of this blog, but then when I went back to ensure that I actually posted what I wanted to talk about, the previous post was nowhere to be found. So I guess instead I’ll begin by apologizing for whatever happened to my last post. I wrote it, I swear.

Just to briefly summarize, I worked on C for a while longer, found solving problems that I didn’t have the skill set to solve incredibly frustrating, and then got a week long deadline to build a tutorial app with another similarly unskilled intern.

So this past week, we wrote an app. We were, shockingly, able to meet the specs entirely. This is especially impressive to me given that we spent a solid four of those days just trying to emulate the Facebook app’s slide out navigation menu. Yes this was a spec, otherwise I would have abandoned it before the end of day one. It was satisfying to create a working app, but it still didn’t do anything to solve my number one cause of dissatisfaction- not providing any value to the company. I’d been sucking up company resources for a month now (though I like to think that I provided a critical and immeasurable boost to company culture and moral), and I wanted to provide something of concrete value.

Well, I’m excited to announce that today, I have done just that. I received access to the code for the iPad app, and fixed two design flaws. I moved a button from one page to another (harder than it sounds), and highlighted items added to an order that had previously been added (ie. if someone wanted two chicken sandwiches, they now get a visual cue that they have added two chicken sandwiches to the order, not just one).

So they’re not major changes. And maybe the actual code will be different when it is actually shipped (all my code will be reviewed by the head of mobile). But for now, I’ve made my first contribution.

And, as we learned today, a client needs a working version of the iPad app in four days. So there might be a lot more contributing of minor things in the next few days.


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