Part Dos

My experience in San Francisco has continued to amaze me. Although living in the city has been somewhat of a rollercoaster with which to accustom myself, I keep telling myself how nice it would be to grow up in the Bay Area. Never in my life have I been so surrounded by individuals of a community that so fervently aspires to solve problems and improve on current technology and ways of life. In many ways, it is intimidating, and more than once have I felt insignificant in a crowd of innovators and engineers who can lay out tangibly and technically, “this is what I created.”

I don’t know where this summer will take me or whether or not I will end up as the developer that SF compels people to be. For certain, though, I have developed a strong appreciation for the work that goes behind the scenes of all the apps and programs we use on a daily basis – and probably take for granted. Working on customer development helped pound that idea in my head. In customer development, you have to face a host of characters – many of whom that go out of their way to deride an app team’s efforts. Some liberally employ caps lock and a handful resort to cursing. On the other hand, however, other users go out of their way just to let a company know how much he or she enjoys the team’s product.

Knowing that people have integrated your product into their daily lives is probably such an empowering feeling that it makes sense that Pocket members spend so much time working to improve their product. That passion is how I want to model endeavors in my life, and maybe just realizing that was enough to make this summer well worth it.

July 4th was great, by the way. Apparently the weather is unusually warm. No complaints here!


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