Pride In and Outside Of My Work

This week I focused on improving what I already started. I want to learn so much this summer. If I was an expert at PHP, Photoshop, Excel, SQL, AdWords and Facebook Ads I’d be able to do so much more each day. If I was a pro at the command line, Ruby on Rails, R and Javascript I’d be pleased with my technical ability. But I must execute on what I already know and not worry as much about what I don’t know. My strengths are in communication and business development. When I spend more time executing on my strengths I leave work happier and less exhausted.

Jellyfish art has been featured in the New York Times and Wired. For Alex, the next frontier is luxury gift guides. I had fun looking at the strange luxuries featured in the most avant-garde gift guides and the classic luxuries featured in the tamest ones. I think Jellyfish Art would fit in a wide range of gift guides from GQ and ELLE Décor to Cool Hunting and Dwell. I customized the new community forum based on other forums for aquarium products. My next challenge is to lead the hordes of users from the Facebook page to the forum, which is easier to administer and better suited to answering customer service questions. I set up the new affiliate tracking software and contacted the old affiliates. I helped one affiliate create customized “pass-through” links for each of our products that he featured. I organized our keywords in a more sophisticated way and removed the underperforming ones based on quality score and search volume. Keywords are the foundation of any AdWords campaign. Though the process is tedious, I’m focused on getting them right before I try any other tactics. After reading a high level overview of keywords in the book Advanced Google AdWords I’m stuck on what would work best for Jellyfish Art. Many of the tips are better suited to multinational companies with vast product lines. Jellyfish Art sells only a few products to a niche group of customers. How many quality keywords can I really find?

Socially this week was filled with the old standbys: food and friends. On Friday Xiaoyang texted me to see what I was doing after work. He wanted me to meet him at the intersection of Kearny and Jackson in Chinatown. I had no idea what he was doing there. It turns out him and Jacob had a table at one of the most desirable Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood. Because we were so early we were one of the few patrons. I greatly enjoyed my duck and the conversation with Xiaoyang and Jacob. After we ate they had to run and I met a friend near Powell Station. She was hungry so I suggested we go to Tin, a Vietnamese restaurant in SoMa. It has great food, sophisticated décor and reasonable prices. I highly recommend it!

On Saturday I went to Dyke March, a women only march from Dolores Park to the Castro that occurs during Pride weekend. I considered dressing in a more alternative way for Dyke March but decided against it. Isn’t Pride about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable as you are? I confidently donned my cobalt maxi skirt and bright pink lipstick, representing the “femme” contingent of the Dyke March. My friend Roxana and her people were headed to a bar but since I’m under 21 I couldn’t join them. While waiting for someone else I ran into one of my friends from Oakland. We made plans to meet at the Bittersweet Café in Oakland next Saturday. I like Dyke March because it’s lo-fi and tight knit. I saw many memorable signs, people from every walk of life and even some queer celebrities! On Sunday I watched some of the Pride Parade. I saw floats from the Zen Center, the Zoo, The Red Cross and adoption, rodeo, labor organizing and anti-circumcision groups. The Pride celebration in SF is the largest in the world. The influx of LGBT couples was inspiring. 


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