125 Pitches

I’ve been lucky enough to witness some pretty incredible sports moments in my life.  Austin River’s buzzer beater against UNC this past year, and Duke’s come from behind win at home against UNC, last year, are a couple of the most memorable ones.  However, last week, I was just as excited as I was during either of those two epic rivalry games…at a baseball game.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love baseball.  I’ve witnessed grand slams, homerun saving catches, bench-clearing brawls, and I’ve even caught a game ball before, but never have I felt the pure adrenaline and emotion at a baseball game that I experienced when Matt Cain tossed his 125 pitch on June 14th, 2012.

Cain’s final pitch of the night sealed the first perfect game in the San Francisco Giants’ fabled 129-year history and only the 22nd perfect game ever thrown in the history of the MLB.

The DSVIP group was lucky enough to pick this game, against the Houston Astros, as the one game we would go to as a group over the course of the summer.  Looking back at this decision, the odds are incredible that we witnessed a perfect game.  For two program participants, that evening’s game was their first baseball game ever.  I almost feel bad for those two since, odds are, they will never personally witness anything like that again.

Thursday night’s game was definitely incredible because of Matt Cain’s right arm, but one Duke alum made the night even more memorable.  Bill Schlough, the CIO of the Giants, came to chat with us after the game was over.  We were all incredibly excited because of what we had just witnessed and our excitement only grew when Bill brought out a World Series Championship ring for us all to drool over.  Bill didn’t stop there though.  He proceeded to take us down to the field, where he showed us some of the really cool technology AT&T Park has implemented over the past few years.  Leave it to one of Silicon Valley’s baseball teams to have the first entirely WiFi enabled venue in Major League Baseball.  In addition to WiFi connectivity, AT&T Park has the first automated camera system that tracks player movements to record fielding stats.  AT&T Park is completely cutting edge and Bill is doing a tremendous job.

As we left the park, we bumped into the President and CEO of the Giants, Laurence Baer.  He was even more elated than we were about the perfect game (if at all possible) and took the time to chat with us about our time in Silicon Valley.

All in all, definitely worth the long train ride home to Palo Alto later that night!

I apologize for the lack of updates on my startup but don’t worry, all is well!  Look to my next blog post for some exciting developments I’ve been working on.  I just figured that witnessing history required an entire blurb of its own.



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