Sun & Kool-Aid

It seems to me that there is something special about the consumer web entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and it really revolves around the notion of social and interconnectivity.

I didn’t really believe in the social craze when I first dipped my toes in frigid Bay Area waters, but over the past few weeks, the notion that “social” is a movement as formidable as the .com boom itself has taken its sunbrella and set up camp in my consciousness while sipping on Kool-Aid.

Social makes solitary activities fun: Foodily makes cooking and sharing recipes fun, Linkedin-stalking makes job-hunting (read: webstalking classmates and colleagues) interesting, and reddit even makes random ranting and exclamations fun – it’s like having a friend to hear you out, except that friend will never get sick of you, since there are millions of them to rotate through the chair!

Perhaps this is it, and people don’t want to be so connected anymore, but perhaps also decidedly un-fun and solitary tasks can be done within a context of community interaction, and we’d all like doing the dishes?


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