Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

It’s seems that a pivot was imminent within our start up. Excited by the possibility of new directions, I looked forward to our brainstorming session. Man was I glad with what we came out with. After our brainstorming it seems this startup as been on a nonstop roller ride forward. As I work through several APIs and an innumerable amount of frustrations, our MVP is slowly taking shape.

In the end that is what I set as our end goal for the summer. At first It seemed like a very daunting task, but one thing that’s been emphasized a copious amount of time here is the idea of simplicity. I always seem to get caught up in little features that’l be great to implement in the future, but these thoughts always seem to clutter my idea of our MVP.

Fortunately, the act of stripping all these ideas always seem like a cleansing for me. I (quite cheesily) compare to cleaning my room. After removing all the unnecessary things, I’m left with a clean and efficient place. That’s how I see our MVP. Slowly it gets cluttered with all these possible features, but after the “cleanse”, the true essence of what we want to build shines.


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