The Bay

My head has still been spinning from all the cool things that have been happening in my own little startup zone and the cool stuff there is to do in the Bay area. After attending the legendary Giants game with Matt Cain and witnessing my first Pride Weekend just a few days ago, it’s safe to say I am enjoying my time in San Francisco.

Work has been engaging, and I have been learning quite a bit. It’s quite inspiring to see how much time and effort the team members spend on each project — which makes sense, given that the Pocket project is a huge part of their lives. From what I have experienced so far — from the lighthearted interactions between coworkers to the passionate discussions regarding the future of the company, I can genuinely see myself at some point in my life investing some time in a startup of my own, or joining an existing one. Despite my limited work experience, I can’t imagine there are that many more rewarding or educational careers you can engage in than entrepreneurship.

I have high expectations for the next few weeks, and know it will be rewarding.


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