My Friday 5:00PM Promise

Execution was my goal for this week. I promised to put something out there (I didn’t promise what it would look like). So this week I learned HTML and CSS in order to build a landing page, and the beginning of the tivly dashboard. To see my attempts at web design, you can visit

Am I satisfied with the work? Not really. But I’m happy to make progress in developing technical skills considering that I learned HTML/CSS on Codeacademy (awesome site if you haven’t checked it out) this Monday, and put out a somewhat decent page by Friday. Never did I imagine that I’d be staring at hundreds of lines of code originating from my fingers—or getting a screen-tan. But these skills will vastly help my journey as an entrepreneur.

As I developed these skills, so has the vision for tivly crystalized. This is the path (at least for this week):

tivly is a web-based social discovery platform that integrates with your payment card. The web app is a clean dashboard that lists all the recent venues you’ve been to (restaurants, shopping, entertainment, etc). From the dashboard, you can select the venue, and with one-click recommend it to a friend through facebook, 4sq, twitter, or email. The “secret sauce” is that with the recommendation, comes a 10% discount loaded on your friends credit card. When she pays for her meal (or clothes, or movie ticket), the discount is automatically applied—no barcodes to scan, iPhone apps to bring up, or paper. But not only does she get the discount, but you get discounts, free stuff, and giveaways for recommending the venue. The result is a social discovery network that incentivizes you to share the best places with your friends, and your friends to check out new spots.

If you’re interested in the model and have questions about implementation or long-term plans, please reach out


Promise for next week: Video for how tivly’s web-based application works.


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