Week 2

Looking back at the “Work Summaries” I sent Alex each day, I can piece together what I did this past week. Some parts were stressful and outside my comfort zone. Our part-time remote programmer was busy with another client. For some fleeting days I was trying to do what a programmer would normally do. I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with software and development environments. I made a feeble attempt at system administration. I’d dip my toes in and get stuck. And then I’d retreat to the relatively comfortable world of marketing, advertising and PR. My recently acquired books on such topics as Git, Javascript, PHP, R, AdWords, Facebook Ads, PR, Vi & Vim and Ubuntu give a glimpse of the wide range of topics I’m learning about. I’m working on a master task  list and use whatever tools seem to suit each job best. To use a Silicon Valley buzzword, I’m a “growth hacker.”

The Giants game was an obvious highlight of this past week and just not because it was an extended time to bond with Xiaoyang and other DSVIP guys. Bill Schlough’s enthusiasm for baseball his job was infectious. And there was no better night to see him or the Giants. I spent another Saturday strolling up and down Valencia. The hipsters there are so friendly! On Saturday night I ate Mexican food in the Mission with my old friend Roxana. On Sunday I met a friend for a  picnic in Dolores Park, a popular place to hangout in the Mission neighborhood.

Overall this past week was exciting though filled with growing pains. I’m looking forward to Pride this weekend!


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