Sometimes, it can be fun to pull for the underdog, which is why a sole Windows computer (mine) lies amidst the sea of MacBook Pros in Dogpatch Labs. (For all those concerned, Rails development on Windows is not a joke  – I didn’t even need a Linux partition.) And yesterday, Microsoft’s new Surface tablet gave some hope that Internet Explorer will not go the way of Netscape.

Microsoft’s latest product launch demonstrated that it was willing to be flexible with its strategy and adapt with the times: Spontaneous meeting, spontaneous location, demo by Steve Ballmer, wholly designed in-house, aiming to be the raise the bar for hardware makers building off of the Windows 8 for their tablets.

Only time will tell whether Microsoft’s latest showing will create the tech euphoria that its friend in Cupertino, but the Microsoft story shows how quickly the tech industry moves – the PC was once the standard for home computing, Steve Jobs was once fired from Apple. And for startup entrepreneurs, perhaps one of the greatest challenges is thinking out far enough to protect the products we’re building today from obsolescence.


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