What’s with the Rain? (Week 1)

Since the moment I landed in SFO, this has been a nonstop thrill ride of excitement. I ended up subletting  a place in Mountain View, so I get to experience even more of the start-up culture. I like Mountain View especially because of the awesome trails I keep finding around the area. One thing every one tells me though is that it NEVER rains, and 24 hours into being here, it happens!

Work has been a blast from the get-go. I keep getting all sort of advice for our start up, and slowly but surely every step we take Tivly becomes  more and more concrete. Not only have I already gotten advice from several VC, but there are plenty of start-ups upstairs that have given us a wealth of information, not just with the start up but the social scene here in general, which is pretty awesome.

Speaking of which, I’m the technical lead for Tivly, so I get the pleasure of doing fornt-end as well as backend programming, which has given me a pretty thorough view of how a website is ran. More updates soon to come!


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