Ah!, culture shock! But wait, I love this culture

When I say I couldn’t ask for more from this experience, I mean it. For me, even at an elite university like Duke, breaking into the startup world was far from something that seemed feasible until well after I graduated. Seemingly entrenched in the world that was either investment banking or sales and trading on Wall Street, two fields that failed to clinch my imagination, I feel that being given this opportunity to work in Silicon Valley is nothing short of a dream. As high of expectations I held for myself this summer, never did I imagine that I could be contributing to an established, tech startup – especially one like Pocket!
I am still getting used to everything, but the Pocket team has made me feel at home, been supportive in my learning, and given me a lot of responsibility – which has been rewarding. Matt, my mentor and the CTO of Pocket, and a leader of DEC and DSVIP, has been nothing short of awesome to me and my fellow interns at other startups.
I have begun work on database management and analytics (working with MySQL), managing customer feedback, and product design. I won’t get too much into what Pocket is, because you can find out at getpocket.com, but I think it is a wonderful product that is and has huge potential to benefit millions of people.


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