More about the Rain.

As I walked to my car on Monday morning, my first day working in the office space at Dogpatch, I could not believe that I was witnessing a miracle.  I was in Palo Alto and it was raining….in June.

Being from New Mexico, I love the rain because I don’t get to see it much so this was a great way to start my summer experience.  I’m working on, a social travel startup that allows users to connect with Facebook, name their travel budget and travel dates, then see which of their friends they can afford to visit.

Already in the first week, I’ve changed FlightPin’s concept a bit, bought at least 5 more possible domain names, done some A/B testing using a great resource called (check them out!) and completely redesigned the front end of the soon to be released minimally viable product.

On top of regular work on my company, I was also able to attend the Duke GEN Angel Pitch event in San Francisco, which was filled with cool companies and cooler people and was part of a discussion session our group had with three prominent Silicon Valley Dukies about their companies, experiences, and suggestions for our time out here.

I’m really excited for the current week, as I’m finally over a cold that I caught as soon as I got to Palo Alto.  On top of feeling better, tonight we’re going to the Giants game and meeting the CIO, another Dukie.

I hope to have an MVP of the newly designed and conceptualized FlightPin (name subject to change) up for public use within the next few weeks.  Until then, it will be lots of hours in the office for me!



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