Cube Week 1- A Major Change

I already covered a lot through my presentation in class. You already know what Cube does. I talked about the work environment, full of guys cracking potentially inappropriate jokes at each other, eating good food, and working out obsessively. And, I mentioned my role, sales/marketing. I spent my first few days learning the ins and outs of sales. I worked on a pitch, practiced giving that pitch with all different possible scenarios, went on ride-alongs for  demos with the senior sales employee, went on drop-ins with the senior sales employee, got everything (skype, salesforce) set up to begin cold calls, and along the way, had a conversation.

This conversation was just a casual one with another intern. I was just idly giving my thoughts about my potential career, future, and so on. In the mean time, the full time mobile engineer overheard and suggested that I switch to interning for him instead.

Suddenly, I was faced with a choice. Stay the path, and experience a summer full of cold calls, learn an important skill, and supposedly pick up some marketing at some point. And have a reasonable chance at full time employment with Cube, provided I excelled. Or jump headfirst into a field I only had limited experience in, but always a strong interest in. And with no chance at full time employment unless I turn out to be some sort of a programming prodigy.

As I usually do (I majored in PHYSICS?!?), I made the choice that led to the lowest chance of ever holding a job.

I’m an iOs engineer now. This’ll be interesting.


One response to “Cube Week 1- A Major Change

  1. I am actually beginning to look into some iOS stuff as well. A couple other people here at Dogpatch/Polaris are also looking to pick up some iOS knowledge, and we’re trying to schedule some sort of weekly get together over coffee to discuss. Perhaps you can be involved in this somehow as well if you’re interested?


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