Are you passionate about pregnant women?

When I was five, I didn’t dream of building a webapp for pregnant women (firefighting seemed significantly more glamorous). I didn’t even dream of that a year ago as I sat in my cubicle diligently pulling up FactSet charts. But here I am with Jacob, MVP in tow, finding friend-of-friends who might be willing to user-test our product.

Since we sent out emails in the wee hours of Monday morning, we have had exactly one person actually use the product (an OB who is pregnant – how fortuitous!). I sent a gushing email thanking her profusely for testing our product; her first response?


When I try to “add to my plate” its not letting me. I am not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

Er…what? She couldn’t get past our first page…that we’ve tested about half a billion times. Scary times.

Interestingly, history repeats itself. Jacob and I started a peer tutoring program in high school. Our first ever “tutoree” was not doing so hot in a civics and economics class, and three of us essentially clustered around her and made ourselves available approximately 24/7.

In doing that, we figured out things to do and things not to do and what was effective and what was not and who was good at what and who was bad at what and what could be automated (nothing) and what could not (everything), which was helpful as we grew to >200 people per week.

Now, we have live chat, quick email response times, and database guarantee that will hopefully put us close to the user and help us learn what works.

By next week, we’ll know whether we’re doing the right thing or not. Feedback is quick in the Valley.


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