Week 1

Jellyfish Art has a laid back culture.  Four people join Shawn and I every day and a couple other people work part time and/or remotely. We get lunch delivered to us from a restaurant in the neighborhood and eat together. Speakers on the warehouse play cool rock and rap music throughout the day. The neighborhood around the warehouse is mostly industrial with some nascent signs of hipness. I get my coffee each morning from a convenience store/Asian restaurant that serves mostly male construction workers and young people.

This past week was filled with exciting moments at work. While exploring Google Analytics I noticed that the vast majority of kit (tank and jellyfish) purchases were in the Los Angeles metro area. This indicated a potential for geographically targeted advertising. I was also looking at the data from an AdWords campaign I created. I was thrilled to see over $700 in purchases from people clicking on my ads. Though Alex explained to me that we should only track the amount in tank purchases, which I’ll be figuring out how to do today,

When Alex’s computer was not communicating with his printer he asked me if I could troubleshoot it. This is outside of my usual purview, but through frantic Google searches and experimentation I was able print from the computer and scan a massive 40 page legal document. I also sent the programmer examples of my website and coding work to demonstrate my technical chops. I will be learning PHP and JavaScript so that I can build features for the website and troubleshoot minor issues.

On Friday Alex had time to sit down with me for an hour. I learned about the history of Jellyfish Art and his plans for the future. We also sketched out the major projects I’d be working on. I’m trying to learn all I can about the company, which includes looking at almost every document in the Dropbox folder. Early business plans, the Y Combinator application, press releases, financial statements- I’ve seen it all.

The Angel Pitch event was great for getting to know the other students in a low pressure way. Everyone in the program was approachable and passionate about what they were working on. Shawn, the other intern at Jellyfish Art, and I hit it off immediately. He’s funny, self-depreciating and a little weird. I has been a great partner at work and on the long Caltrain ride from Palo Alto. We have similar ideas about what kind of startups we might want to pursue. When I told him that I didn’t take my startup ideas seriously, he encouraged me to write them all down and see if they had potential before rejecting them.

I wasn’t looking forward to the commute to Palo Alto on Wednesday but it was also valuable to visit Dogpatch Labs and see the DSVIP participants in their habitat. The free form nature of the discussion informed me about so many different topics and helped me get to know the participants and program directors better.

I think the speakers will be one of the most valuable parts of the program. I am a rising senior who wants to work at a startup in the Bay Area (or my own company) when I graduate. Meeting successful entrepreneurs is one of the most difficult and important elements of doing business in Silicon Valley. And working full time and a startup right now means that I am full of questions for them!

I love living in San Francisco because it is so diverse and easily navigable without a car. The people here are serious foodies. This past week I had salt and pepper squid in Chinatown, a Japanese bento box, Rose Chai tea from a food truck, so much Blue Bottle Coffee and olive oil flavored chocolate from local chocolate maker Poco Dulce. On Saturday I rediscovered Valencia St. One of my favorite stores is Paxton Gate, a real life natural curiosity shop. While on my way back home I stopped at the Caffe Trieste on Market St. for a free jazz concert. On Saturday night I met a friend at The LAB, an art space in the Mission. On Sunday I went to Velo Rogue, a bicycle themed restaurant in the Inner Richmond. I told my mom it would be a great place to take my dad, an avid cyclist, when they visit for my birthday. My friend and I also got bubble tea at a place on Clement Street. I was overwhelmed by the flavor choices. Some of the most unusual ones were grape champagne, ginger, kumquat and wax gourd. I ended up getting kiwi.


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